Cutting-edge cannabis dosing guidance derived from your genetic code.



Your collection kit includes:

  • Four sterile cheek swabs
  • 1 specimen collection envelope
  • Return envelope
  • Prepaid postage to and from Molecular Testing Labs™
  • Instructions and requisition form

Please note:

The DNA test is sent to you directly in the mail to complete.  Test results are only shared with you.  You are free to share them with whomever you like.  Our company stores your results in a digitally secured and HIPAA compliant database, just like your doctor or hospital.  When future products are released, more insightful reports will be available, often without submitting additional DNA samples.

xChemistry does not provide refunds for the DNA test that are either past 30 days of the date of purchase or after the results of the test have been posted to your account. Tests are transferable to another person, if the original recipient of the DNA test did not complete. By purchasing this testing, you are agreeing to these terms.


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